Samurai Sound System = Wasabi encrusted tilapia with a mild sprinkling of Bushido code

Pan seared Tilapia, encrusted with their own signature Wasabi, add in a dash of Bushido, and you have the musical equivalent to Samurai Sound System.  At least, that’s what I thought when I first heard the band name.  Granted, I had just gone out to dinner for some sushi, and it was still fresh in my mind, when I got the call from Mike that we were going to be playing a gig with Samurai Sound System.

We’re they going to be dressed in the traditional samurai armor with an eboshi style helmet or “kabuto?”  Then there was the proverbial samurai sword…someone was going to get hurt, and I knew only the bravest of hearts, or perhaps, the “not so smart people,” would want to be in the front row when these guys took the stage at the Clash Bar.

Samurai is a band that incorporates elements of blues, punk, R&B, and soul to create a fun, groovin’, partly psychedelic trip.  I heard three artists in their music that piqued my interest; Stevie Wonder, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a hint of Iggy Pop.

Samurai consist of 4 members; lead vocalist Hurron Beard aka “ReM The Ranger,” guitarist Clint Wieland, Drummer/percussionist Andy Bubenik, and Bassist Hassan Godwin.  Beard comes from the NJ/NY rap scene, when he initially formed the group with Wieland.  The two began work on a series of songs that would capture both Beard’s rap/R&B style, yet encompass Wieland’s soul and rhythm back-drop.  The songs were completed with the addition of Godwin and Bubenik, who gave the music it’s signature dynamic grooves and back-bone.

After the gig at Clash Bar, I listened to Days of our Lives on Reverbnation.  A raw drum beat and bass start the song out, followed by a guitar riff that drives it.  Beard’s vocals come in over the top to bring it all together.  It exploded at certain times, with a driving force that seemingly came out of nowhere.

There are many different journeys these guys can take for their first album.  Will they follow the way of the sword, as so many Samurai’s often do? Or will Samurai Sound System carve out their own path?  Catch them live as they will be performing in the tri-state area.

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